Friday, 15 July 2011

Letter to a friend

Safe journey! Give a big hug to every member of Frantz clan and send my deepest Love! Drink skoll, eat chocolate pizza, pastel with catupiry, caipirinha, churrasco (B&Q), go for a walk at Gruta dos Indios in Sta Cruz. Stop by Iluminura Livraria Cafe (Sta Cruz), tell Artur he is my little Prince. Go to Morro da Cruz, Catedral & have an ice cream at Marechal Floriano by the ancient trees of Tunel Verde. Tell my father I miss him every day. His books. His sense of calmness. The way he always gives me a good pat on my head as if I was still a little girl. Stare at the night sky and reflect on how enchanting the southern cross really is. Tell my Mum, that every night I search for our star over London skies, and I see planes passing by wishing she was landing here in one of them. Watch the sunset at Aero Club and the small planes with people learning how to fly them. Drink Chimarrao with my brother and tell him I often remember what he once told me about strength, and how important it was to keep going, like a soldier, and like Che Guevara (that in secret inspired him deeply)” Hay que endurecer, pero si perder la ternura jamás”. Spend some time listening to song birds and how mystical they are below the equator. Try to indentify the ‘Bem te vi’ song- my grandmother favourite! Watch the moon rise from the hill’s on the east, staring at this same hills I have spent hours sitting on the top of my window, imagining hundreds of impossible things.Tell my sister Mana that I am still waiting for her to visit me here in London, so we can finally find her an English gentleman who she will fall deeply in love with. Spend an afternoon gaze at Provisorio or Amsterdan bar drinking the coolest beer with pao de queijo and just watch the world go by and how the hours seem to melt slowly in Santa Cruz. Tell my big sister Chica, I miss the time when she was my teacher at school and I could knock at her office asking for a pocket money so I could buy myself a snack and when she open her jewellery box giving me her most special ring just because I was sad. There are few things only family do for you. Give a big hug in Ana C and tell her I miss our time here in London, I’ve enjoyed being the BIG sensible sister for a little while. But most important of all, have yourself a wonderful time!!!! Let yourself to be contaminated by the Brazilian passion and easy going way of life, buy a Havaianas sandals and ‘NO STRESS’ for two weeks. When you arrive in Rio, breath in the beauty that surround a ‘Cidade Maravilhosa, cheia de encantos mil’. Listen to good Brazilian music and come back home with at list one song engraved in your heart. Safe journey my friend. Love, Ana x

(My friend is on his way to visit my sister and family in Brazil)

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Livros que me acompanham em 2009

  • Notes from my travels- Angelina Jolie
  • THE SHAMANIC WAY OF THE HEART - Chamalu- Luis Espinoza
  • Shooting Butterflies - Marika Cobbold
  • The Global Deal - Climate change and the creation of a new era of progress and prosperity- Nicholas Stern
  • The Penelopiad- Margaret Atwood
  • Discover Atlantis - Diana Cooper
  • Tne Gift - How the creative spirit transform the World - Lewis Hyde
  • My East End: A history of Cockney London- Gilda O'Neil
  • Delta of Venus- Anais Ninn
  • The Little Prince- Antoine de Saint Exupéry *** Apr
  • Doidas e Santas- Martha Medeiros (March)
  • The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje
  • Gilead by Marilynne Robinson - Feb
  • Healing With the Faries by Doreen Virtue (Feb)
  • Montanha Russa- Martha Medeiros (Feb)
  • O codigo da Inteligencia - Augusto Curry - Feb
  • O Ensaio sobre a cegueira - Jose Saramago ( Jan Lendo)

Livros que andaram comigo em 2008

  • Meditacao a primeira e ultima Liberdade by OSHO ( Dec)
  • The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje (Dec Lendo)
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - J.K Rowling (Oct Lendo)
  • The PowerBook - Janette Wintersone (Oct- )
  • A vida que ninguem ve- Eliane Brum (Sep - Lendo)
  • The Birthday Party - Panos Karnezis - (Sep )
  • Ensaio sobre a Lucidez -Jose Saramago (Lendo...)JUN
  • Nearer The Moon -Anais Ninn (Lendo..) JUN
  • Superando o carcere da emocao - Augusto Cury(lendo...) JUN
  • Perdas e Ganhos- Lya Luft Jun(Releitura) Jun
  • A Mulher que escreveu a Biblia - Moacyr Scliar(May) ****
  • The Secret By Rhonda Byrne (May)
  • Time Bites -Doriss Lessing March (lendo...)
  • Life of Pi - Yann Martel (March to May )
  • The Kite Runner -Khaled Hossein /March ****
  • Back when we were geown ups / ANNE TYLER (larguei na metade)
  • O Sonho mais doce - DORIS LESSING /Feb ****
  • The Crimson Petal and the White- MICHAEL FABER / Dec-Jan / ***

Livros que me acompanharam em 2007

  • Burning Bright - TRACY CAVILER
  • Fear of flying - ERICA JOUNG (larguei na 50th pagina)
  • I'll take you there - JOYCE CAROL OATES ***
  • Memorias de minhas putas trsites GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ ***
  • The Siege - HELEN DUNMORE ***
  • A girl with a pearl earing - TRACY CHAVILER ***
  • A year in Province PETER MYLES ( larguei na metade)
  • The mark of the angel- NANCY HUSTON-
  • A bruxa de portobelo - PAULO COELHO -
  • Under the Tuscany Sun - FRANCES MAYA -
  • Sophie's World - JOSTEIN GAARDER *
  • The umberable lightness of being - KUNDERA- **
  • As aventuras da menina ma MARIO VARGAS LOSA - ****


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